Capital Advance Advantage

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Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Protection

Incurring a NSF will impact your rating with your banking institution. Your bank has an internal rating, which is different from your credit score, and this is what they use to determine pre-qualifying for credit and other products. Thus, incurring these penalties when you are unable to make a payment will further impact your ability to obtain traditional funding. To assist with this we run necessary checks and issue notices to help you, so you don’t incur those fees from your bank and mark against your internal rating.

Pausing Repayment

We understand the ebbs and flows that can occur within your business and are always looking to work with you as needed. If it becomes necessary to temporarily pause repayment due to unforeseen circumstance that is something that we can work together with you on so that instead of the agreed upon payments a small fee is instead charged, and the repayment term simply extended.

No Physical Paperwork / Speed of Application and Funding

With full consideration of security and data protection we make issuing capital as efficient as possible by doing everything in a digital capacity. We understand that your days are full and thus we want to allow you to make the most effective use of your time. Timeliness of getting access to capital will allow you to maximize a present opportunity and thus we strive to get funds into your account within 48 hours of submitting a completed application.

Responsive Customer Service

We strive to communicate in the fashion that works best for you, we’ll establish if that’s email or phone, and reply within 1 hour during regular business hours.