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Congratulations your business is prequalified!

Complete a 5 minute application and receive $5,000 to $100,000 in 24 hours for Qualifying Companies

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You must:

  • No startups
  • Be located in Canada*
  • Be generating at least $10,000 each month in sales for the last 6 months

*excluding Quebec


of our customers trust us enough to come back for more capital.

Inquire today to see how Capital Advance can provide you with funding you can count on

No Credit Checks. No Collateral. No Surprises.

From small startups to major enterprises, businesses across Canada rely on us.

Get Direct Cash Flow for Your Small Business

Early Repayment Discount

We value your commitment to financial health and reward early repayment. With our early repayment discount, you can save money by paying off your loan ahead of schedule.

Our Partnership Promise

We believe in the power of partnership. Our mission is to ally with small businesses across Canada to drive success. We provide more than just financial support; we offer guidance, expertise, and a commitment to your growth.

Additional Capital Availability

At Capital Advance, we recognize that business needs can change rapidly. If you require additional funds before fully repaying your existing loan, we are here to help.

No Indiscriminate Debt Stacking

At Capital Advance, we understand the unique challenges that small businesses face. That’s why we are committed to responsible lending practices. Unlike many other lenders, we do not engage in indiscriminate debt stacking.